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Samantha M
Tiffany's  Client's Testimonials
Amy W.
When I first stared out training I had no idea I was going to be able to loose 16 pounds in only 2 1/2 months, but I did! Tiffany helped me reach my goals and gave me awesome tips to keep my eating on track. She was also very helpful and pushed me to my limits when we were working out. Tiffany is a wonderful trainer an would recommend her to anybody. She gave me the gift of becoming confident in myself once again! Samantha
I take special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. These are not the only clients I have had, but they are they ones who have allowed me to post their testimonials. I am proud of the work accomplished with my clients and would like to share these testimonials:
My husband and I have been working out with Tiffany for about a year now. We have done the whole weight loss by ourselves and had great success at it. After we moved here to Corpus we struggled to get back on the fitness pony. We got a gym pass and met this wonderful lady and fell in love with her heart and positive attitude. She not only became our trainer but a friend. Someone that we had confidence that would help us reach our goals and not hurt us by showing off. I first came to her wearing baggy clothes because I had gained all the weight I had lost before moving down here back on. With those baggy clothes came low self esteem. How could I have let myself go back after all that hard work? After doing her workouts and eating her diet plan (when not cheating) I fit into clothes that I have not worn in two years. The weight is back off and I am starting to get the hour glass figure and my muscles are starting to show. When I get dressed in the morning I look in the mirror in shock. I can’t believe that I have this body. I have always had a boyish figure and have always wanted to get a booty. Most girls want to lose it but I just wanted to have one! LOL  

 There are a lot of trainers and a lot of options but for us, we could not have found anyone else that both my husband and I liked. She works with us and has compassion when life hits hard. We have children and busy schedules, when something comes up we all work together to work something out. She is a true blessing and I would not go to anyone else! My attitude and confidence is getting better so therefore my marriage is better. We are not only doing this for us but for our children, 

our children see us working hard and eating right. 

Before I started with you I had lost my mama a month before. I didn't know what I was going to with myself. So my Aunt paid for me to join the gym, and I met you.  You have helped me a lot and I feel better about myself. Im doing things I didn't think I could do. You have helped me so much and Im happy we are friends as well. I couldn't have done it without you and God in my life. Thank you Tiffany. Cant wait to work with you more. VTR
Kemi S.
Eric A 
Patricia T.
Kimberlee M.
Sandra M.
When I turned 30, I had this epiphany. The things on my bucket list were left untouched and I really wanted to complete a relay marathon. I was overweight, eating horribly and getting older. I started working with Tiffany in December. I am a single mom, who works fulltime and she catered my workouts to my goals and schedule. She listened to what my current habits were with no judgment. She knew I was there to change and helped out with positive words of encouragement. She listened to my goals and always said, ‘We can do this.’ She used resources in and outside of the gym, with a lot of variety, offering advice on any struggles I had in life, with my diet or with my workouts. I completed my relay marathon in May and while I did all the work, Tiffany’s guidance and support made this experience happen with the best possible results. She was my trainer and cheerleader but she also became my friend. This sense of accomplishment has caused positive ripples that have affected every aspect of my life. Patricia
You are much more than a trainer to me. You got dropped into my life at a crossroads I was experiencing and your helped me get back on track with who I once was and who I want to be.  Kimberlee
When I began with Tiffany, I was at a point where I was really embarrassed to even work out. You always told me you would never make me work out infront of everyone! helped me feel better about my self and find strength that I never knew I had. During the time that I got hurt, you not only fought with your manager to keep me training, but you also checked up on me daily. You ended up becoming a friend to me & I had so much fun training. You always pushed me to keep going when I wanted to give up, and for that I am grateful. The only reason I didnt keep the weight off is because I became lazy after I left the gym where you were. Sandra
Working with Tiffany has been a wonderful experience. I had gained a couple of pounds and felt sluggish and lazy so I decided to join a gym. Working out with Tiffany brought the "wow". She pushed my limits even when I got lazy she never gave up on me. Now I love to look at the mirror and see how toned I look. She also help me eat right, and although I have changed states, I still do my best to eat right. Meeting Tiffany was a changing point in my life.Thanks a lot Tiff you are the best!
Just wanted to thank you for all the time and training you put in with the girls. In case you didn't hear, Isabel and big Bella made the all-stars! Practices have been 2 hours and VERY INTENSE and VERY HOT which is why they didn't go yesterday and probably not Thursday. Isabel will be going out of state for 3 weeks beginning next week so wont make the all-star games but she is very excited to have made it for the first time and i'm very proud. THANK YOU...hard work does pay off! Eric

My name is Alisha and I have worked with Tiffany as my trainer for over a year now and she has been amazing. I used to weigh about 244 pounds and now I weigh 206. I am still losing the weight and I am definitely eating better. I go to the gym more often and I do feel more comfortable going to the gym now then I have before and my clothes fit better than they ever have. I am really glad that I met Tiffany and that I have her as my trainer. She has definitely taught me a great deal and will continue to learn from her. Alisha

After starting my training with Tiffany, I found out I had DDD. Thank goodness for Tiffany's medical background, she knew just what to do and what not to do to help me. Through my year with Tiffany, I have learned correct positioning, technique, and style so I do not injure myself. Tiffany is a great trainer and will end up being one of your best friends. She is down to earth and truly wants to help people make a life style change. Donna
Donna M.
Alisha W.
Right before the New Year my sister invited me to the gym to work out. A little hesitant at first because I haven’t been to a gym in a long time, I decide to join her. While at the gym I was asked if I was interested in personal training, I figured “why not? A new year, a new beginning” because starting at 207.5 lbs and over 30% body fat, I knew I needed something more than gym equipment and my basic exercise knowledge. That night I received a call from Tiffany to plan our first session. I did not know what to expect, but was ready for the journey ahead of me. I am so glad that I decided to do personal training. It has opened my eyes to different ways of working out with cardio and weights. Tiffany is amazing, not only does she motivate me to get the most out of my workout but she is always there when I need help on exercises or diet questions. I felt like our sessions were all the motivation I needed to stay on track, she checked my food logs and past workouts to see where I was and how I’ve progressed. Now four months later, I have lost 30 lbs, I am under 30% body fat and I am running my first of many 5ks in the beginning of May. I couldn’t have done it without Tiffany. ​Pam
Pamela P.
Shaun P.
Scales say 200.4lbs today October 29, 2013, February they said 273lbs we are getting there.. There ain't no magic pill that can top working you butt off 5-6 days a week twice a day..thanks a million from Tiffany Saul and her expertise.. Will post a link to her site here in a few..its truly a life changer...You wanna know how to become the you that you know you can it is don't be shy she will change your life if you will let her...its not a diet or pills its a lifestyle change. She made me eat more than I ever have and its good simple foods. And folks it works I'm living proof...give her a chance to make you what you think is impossible.. In the last 90 days I have lost 30 lbs of fat 21.5 inches off my body completed a 12 mile tough mudder obstacle course in 4 hours and am stronger both physically and mentally.. And she will pick you up when your down both mentally and spiritually.. Take my word for folks it will change your life too.. Thank You Tiffany Saul. Shaun
I give Tiffany Saul five out of five stars because my experience with Tiffany as a trainer turned into an everlasting friendship. She does not just see her clients as just a pay check. She takes time to get to know you. She not only helps your body, but mind and soul too. (: ​  Jess
Jessica W.
James B.
I heard of Change Your Life Personal Training through a friend of mine who had excellent results with Tiffany. I had been putting off calling her because basically I was scared. I hadn't done any type of exercise probably since high school but, I was finally at the point that I needed to do something, anything to get healthy. I have a daughter who was 6 at the time and my ultimate fear was leaving her without a mom & that outweighed my fear of exercising so in October of 2013 I made the leap & gave Tiffany a call. She did my initial consultation and we got started it was tough, I wanted to give up so many times but I was determined and it started getting easier as time went on. The exercises were in no way easier just the getting up & going was it had become a part of me & my life. I am so thankful to Tiffany for all her help and support but mostly her listening ear. She's also our therapist and listens to us rant on & on about what's going on in our lives. This definitely did change my life I'm healthier & have more energy for my daughter and most of all this has helped me gain my self confidence back. Thank you. Cordy
Great work out every time I come feeling terrific ! 
Cordy N.
My trainer is great! She takes a personal interest in my work outs and healthy eating habits. She is hard on my workouts but i feel great afterwards. If i could afford more time with her i would do more.😆
Gloria S.
Hi, my name is Kaytiana and i originally started training with Tiffany Saul in May 2015. At first I was unsure of having a personal trainer and had fear of not making it to my goals. But Tiffany started me off easy and continue to build my strength up and the pounds flew off. I went from being 158 in May with 28 percent body fat to the end of Aug. being 135 and only having 18 percent body fat. Not only did I slim down but I became fit. She wont give you anything she knows you cant handle. She welcomes you into her home. Not only is she your trainer but she become a friend. Get with Tiffany and see the results!
Kaytiana C.
​Mary F.
I met with Tiffany today. She explained to me about the type of training she does. She is an amazingly intelligent women with lots of knowledge on personal health and fitness, not just some tough guy teaching you about lifting weights and fitness training. She has a strong educational background with a master's degree. I would recommend her for all around physical health training from helping with physical health problems, injuries to just toning up. Plus that she has a spunky fun personality.

Tara H.
I am a dedicated "non-exerciser"!! Tiffany makes me want to come and work out!! I am stronger and less stressed. She tailors my workout to me and my abilities!! Lucky to have found such an inspiration :)
If you're looking for a trainer that takes achieving your goals personal, this is it! Change Your Life is very committed to each clients individual goals. Whether you're just looking for help toning up, shredding a few pounds or even help getting back into a workout routine after an injury held you back... you'll see that YOUR plan is tailored to YOU!
Rudy G.
I’ll admit it, I was a mess. Overweight, over stressed, over medicated and over the top. The little sanity I had left convinced me to get help and thankfully that’s when I met Tiffany Saul. Without judgment or criticism she went to work in a professional and helpful manner to first evaluate my situation and then plan a healthy and strong recovery. And what a recovery it has been. Thanks to her efficient strength training routine and nutritional guidance I have lost 55 pounds in 9 months. I have reduced or eliminated most of my medications and I’m well on my way to getting back to “normal”. 

Tiffany is an encourager but she’s tough too. With a relaxed but disciplined style, you simply push through your workouts with complete confidence that she is giving you the right routine and most importantly, the right form, to accomplish your established goals. 

I highly recommend Tiffany for anyone at any level who wants to get in shape and have fun doing it. "

Matt M.
Around May of 2015, I weighed about 240 pounds and I decided that I wanted to start losing weight. Usually, that story goes right where you'd expect it to, which is nowhere, but it was different this time. I was dedicated, and I knew that I needed help.

I went to Rock’s and was recommended two different types of pills to take once a day. One to boost my metabolism, and one to reduce appetite. For the first week or so, the effects were down right baffling. I operated on three hours of sleep. I was eating maybe a fifth of what I was before. I was drinking three times the water and no soda. But towards the end of that week, I had one hell of a crash. I went to bed at ten, woke up at one, tried to go back to sleep, and was woken up at about 10:00, thirty minutes before I had to be at work. I barely managed to make it in time, and the rest of that day was awful. I was slow and exhausted for the entire day, I had a burn in the back of my throat no matter how much water I drank, and I was starving. But as soon as I got my lunch, I couldn't eat more than a few bites before I was sick to my stomach.

After that, I decided that I had to change my diet and my lifestyle to avoid any more crashes, because instead of just being logical, I stuck with it. I would eat a banana for breakfast, two apples for lunch, and an actual full meal for dinner. And every morning before work, I would take a walk in a twenty pound weight vest, and around three in the morning, I would go swimming. And for a while, it worked. I was eating healthier, I was losing a ton of weight, I had so much energy. But after about three months, I realized that I was actually building an immunity to the pills (Less energy, bigger appetite, you get the picture), so I decided to quit cold turkey.

At the end, I weighed about 205 pounds with 16 percent body fat. Without the pills, I found it easier and easier to fall off the wagon and return to my old eating habits. One day, my father told me about this personal trainer that his best friend went to, and I figured I could give it a shot. So my dad and I went to meet with her, and she told us what I'd be doing, what we'd be doing to reach my goals, and about some changes I'd have to make to my diet. And after that first session, I knew I'd be going for a while.

The greatest thing about Tiffany is that even though you're exercising, she's still doing all the work. It takes the guesswork out of exercise. It's not boring, she learns where your limits are and she pushes them. The pills may have made me lose a lot of weight, but with Tiffany’s help, I managed to not only lose even more weight, but also gain muscle mass. Now I am the hottest I've ever looked. I weigh 170 with 10 percent body fat.

So, in short, do it. Just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so just do it.
Delma P.
Tiffany is an amazing individual! She is encouraging, positive and always motivating me to do my best! Tiffany is so much more than a trainer, she is an inspirational and uplifting force in my life. It is obvious that she not only cares about her clients' physical health, but their all around well being and happiness! :)
Felipa A.
Tiffany is a great trainer who truly takes an interest in all her clients. She works with your schedule and is always available to answer questions and keep you motivated to stay on track. Best part is she makes you feel comfortable all the while helping you become a better version of yourself. I highly recommend!
Gina V.
Tiffany is such an amazing trainer and she really motivates you to do your best!!
Amdanda M.
I so love the trainer she is so passionate about what she does. She talks to you an doesn't make you feel ashamed or embarrassed. I really enjoyed our one on one workouts. I believe she is one of the best.