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Shaun is my first true Correspondence Client!  He has done exceptionally well.  I was referred to him by one of my best friends back in North East Texas.   Shaun came to me at a plateau in his weight loss journey; he has the want and the desire to lose the weight but he was down to very little energy and losing strength.  What he didn't know was the "little amount" he was eating was doing him more harm than good.  He isn't alone in this belief many of my other clients have been the same way before coming to me.  Shaun also told me in July that he had signed up for the Tuff Mudder in Dallas, Texas at the end of October and he was worried he would embarrass himself.  I assured him with my help he wouldn't do that.  Through many phone calls, text, and emails he began see and feeling big differences in his body.  There were times when he thought he didn't see enough results.  I would always tell him to be patient and push forward, and he did.  I think the hardest part for him was my nutritional guidance I gave him.  He couldn't believe how much he was allowed to eat.  It all came down to timing and "good" verses "bad" foods.  Shaun was constantly asking questions and very eager to learn and understand what I taught him. Not only that but even though the workouts kicked his rear end, as a marine, quitting/or complaining wasn't an option!  I am very Proud of this man he has come a long way.  I only wish we had had a way to measure his body fat from July to Now because that would be a HUGE difference.  So far he has gone from 229 when I first spoke to him to 198 as of the 1st of November with a total of 21.5 inches lost from his body in 3.5 months!  WAY TO GO SHAUN!!!!
Pam has come a long way since I began with her before Christmas. She came to me with a weight of 207.5lbs and a body fat percentage of 38.7% . She also had little endurance or strength. Pam trained with me for 3.5 months and was a pleasure to train. Pam did everything I asked of her and at times more. She took what I taught her or wrote for her workout and pushed her comfort zone! There were days she needed that push and she was never let down on how good it felt to complete a new goal. Another of Pam's goals was to run (and I mean without stopping) a 5k. She signed up for the Color Me Rad Run in Austin, Texas on May 4th. No only was she over 30 lbs. lighter and over 10% body fat less, and over 22 inches lost she was also beyond prepared to run her 5K. She not only finished it without stopping but she had trained enough to also enjoy it. I must say I'm very proud of her achievements!!! Thank you Pam for doing this for you, but also doing what I asked of YOU!! 

Pam has been chosen as the First Featured Client because she had a great all around change in a short period of time. The next Featured client will be chosen on June 15, 2013 and it will be based on Most Improved Legs! The Winner will receive a 30 gift Certificate to their Place of Choice!

Cordy came to me in late August 2013 to began a huge change in her life.  She was shy, nervous, and not as confident as she should be. She decided to change because she wasn't happy with how she looked and most of all her health.  She has a daughter and she wanted to set the best example possible for her. Cordy began her journey a little before coming to me, and had lost 20-25 lbs on her own, but wanted to be more than just skinny.  She wanted to be in shape and sexy!  Cordy began her journey by changing her nutrition completely.  She didn't want to start out slow she wanted a complete change and jumped in feet first then hit the ground running. She applied her commitment to her workouts as well. Cordy is one of those clients a trainer loves to have, because did anything and everything I asked, and sometimes even asked for more.  There was no looking back for Cordy. She kept her eyes on the future and what she wanted. In the beginning, Cordy was 190.4 lbs, 37.7% body fat, almost no endurance, or strength. As of July 2014, Cordy was down to 143.8lbs, 25% body fat, lost 47.5 inches off her body, can do full push ups, weighted squats, and can run 3 miles. She has come so far from where she was.  To me Cordy is a completely NEW person!!!  Congrats Lady, you have mad me very proud!!
FEATURED CLIENT September of 2015
Kaytiana C.
Kaytiana began with me on May 4, 2015, and until her last weigh in on September 21, 2015.  The 4 months she worked with me she came 5 days a week.  She was determined to get her body back that she had leg go since getting married.  She wanted to surprise her husband when he came back from deployment.  She began at 158.8 lbs and 28.1% body fat.  She began with a very small goal of just getting back down to 145 lbs.  Kaytiana was extremely determined and put in a lot of time to get to where she wanted to be.  She was at 143 lbs  by July 1st only 2 full months after training. Kaytiana no only has been one of my hardest working clients, she also became one great friend.  She went with me pretty much everywhere.  She was a constant friend up for anything including going to the dump with me.  Now that is a friend! When the end of September arrived Kaytiana was down to 135 lbs and 18% body fat.  She had lost a total of  23.8 lbs, 10% body fat, and 27.5 inches from her body.  What was hardest was having to tell her good bye because she returned to San Diego to meet her husband after a 6 month deployment.  Her husband was quite proud of her accomplishment as was I.  You worked very had and I'm very Proud of you!!  Miss you Lady!!